Our Objectives

The main objectives of the foundation are,Child welfare Enlightened parenthood serving and strengthening family life Physical and mental health facilities for mother and child Recreational and socialization protection from exploitation.Women welfare,enlightening women protection from rights and status. Physical and mental health Education for women empowerment.

Vision & Mission

Improve the lives of women and children in local communities through education, health, economic empowerment and social amenities. This is made possible through: Training different activities. Ensuring economic self-reliance and empowerment for the rural poor.We will also seeks to continue our role as advocate of women's rights, promoter of women capacities and driving force of social change.

Core Values

1.Provide welfare to the children and women of the region.
2.Bring awareness and educate women and children about their rights and responsibilities
3.Provide sources for self-employment and to promote women’s economic empowerment
4.Ensure security and better protection of women and children

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About Maa Foundation


We Serve the Humanity

" The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. "

MAA Foundation is a welfare organization which provide services to socially and culturally deprived children and women of the region. This organization solely works for the welfare 0f women and children.

Our professional capability stands on the network of highly skilled,talented and expert professionals throughout the country from different fields of specialization. We deal with domestic violence of women and children and provide them legal protection. MAA Foundation works for the bringing awareness in the people of GB about children and women rights. Gender mainstreaming, women empowerment and women employment are also some of the major intervention area of our organization. The services we offer to the people of GB and may in future at Pakistan and global level without any discrimination of race, culture or religion. Any person sufferer is the organization suffer, we serve to the community as a whole.






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